Mix & Match Earrings with face shape August 17, 2017

Today, Jewelry is another essential element when you dress yourself in daily life, or we can say that it’s a part of your confidence. One of the popular jewelry which can easily mix and match is earrings. So how can we know whether our earrings can match with ourselves properly.

Face shape is also personally one thing that you can consider before you buy new earrings.

Round Face

Do: Good looking earrings for round face will be long vertical earrings because there can neck look beautifully longer and help conceal your round face shape

Small earrings, round shape earrings, or heart shape earrings are improper because your round face shape will be emphasized

Long Face

Do: Congratulation! you can wear both round or square earrings. The small or moderate round shape earrings is our suggestion because round shape of earrings can balance your face

Long vertical earrings isn’t your answer because there will make your face look longer


Square Face

Do: Round earrings is the best earrings for square face because round shape of earrings will help your square face look more slender. You can also wear hanging earrings but better if there’re longer than your earlobe a little bit

Square earring, and flat earring aren’t your choice because your face will be strongly looked more square


Heart Shape

Do: Normally, heart face shape has wide forehead and cheek, and more narrow at chin. You can wear triangle earrings because width of triangle shape base will balance your narrow chin, or you can also wear big round earrings

Don’t: Any earrings which have shape like reverse triangle because your chin will look more narrow

Oval Shape

Do: Your face shape is the most jealous because you can match with any kind of earrings

Don’t: As we mention in do, you have no any earrings shape to avoid, so just wear yours

Jewelry or clothes are both elements for you to dress.
Additionally, you must be yourself and be confident who you are.

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